Posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In the season of reflection
When I lived on Western Lane
Downstairs from my conscience
Upstairs from your blame

When my legend was an orphan
Left crying in the woods
With a voice there yelling at me
"Boy, you're no damn good"

If you wonder why I'm leaving
Well, you can just read the note
The one I left for Valerie
Who always thought I was a hoax

But that day your soul was bleeding
And you were choking on your words
Screaming in broken English
Things no one ever heard

It was my name that you were calling
When you were begging for protection
From the demons of your yesterdays
In your season of reflection

I know I said I'd stay with you
At the palace of the saints
We were half way to Cordoba then
But now it's more than I can take

And I got a woman from my neighborhood
Who tells it like it is
And another one in Charlotte
Who swears that its my kid

My heart, it's an inferno
Ravaged from disease
In the season of reflection
Now called on to believe